Customer Success Manager

St. Louis

What will the person in this role be doing?

This position consists of three roles. First, we want someone that can strategically assess the needs of customers and help guide Gremlin and the customer to successful use of our products. Second, we need a person with strong interpersonal skills to train new users and guide them through the onboarding process. Third, we need someone with thick skin and a sense of humor to help customers that are stuck or having issues with the software. All of these responsibilities require strong organizational skills and a self-driven work ethic.

What skills and tools will be utilized in this role?

-Patience: A representative must constantly deal with angry or frustrated customers, or customers who may not fully understand their situation -Energy: A representative must serve a constant stream of customers, even at the end of the day and early morning. -Courteousness: A representative must always be polite, even if the person they are speaking to is not. -Friendliness: A representative must enjoy dealing with other people in an uplifting manner. -Creativity: A representative must be able to solve problems with unique and outside-of-the-box solutions. -Quick Thinking: A representative learns to think on their feet when it comes to problem solving. -Interpersonal Skills: A representative learns to read emotions by tone or text verbiage, as well as how to keep those emotions positive. -Sense of Humor

Employment Type


Required Experience

Experienced Individual Contributor


30K-45K. Depending on your level of experience and whether the candidate meets the requirements

Equity Offered?


About Gremlin Social


Gremlin Social is a social media software company that provides web-based solutions to help financial services companies engage, stay compliant, & build customer relationships in sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Company Values

We provide a non-corporate culture, a casual dress code, and the opportunity to be an integral part of the future of social media in the financial services industry. Join the GREMLN team and be challenged, be heard, and make a difference.

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