Software Engineer - Part Time

St. Louis

What will the person in this role be doing?

A software engineer at blossom will be responsible for working with posted software development sprints in JIRA including: Django (REST API and webservice), PostgresSQL, Apiary Documentation, Hyperledger Fabric, as well as helping run quality assurance for the product. The software engineer will also be responsible for meeting via call or in person two to three times a week to discuss product development as well as roadmapping and deadlines.

What skills and tools will be utilized in this role?

*Django/Python (fluency necessary) *Web development *Hyperledger integration *Work with OpenADR, Zigbee, and other demand response protocols

Employment Type


Required Experience

Experienced Individual Contributor



Equity Offered?


About blossom LLC


blossom is a bartering marketplace where two parties can exchange anything of value using simple digital agreements set by user-defined rules.

Company Values

blossom is a team of creative engineers. We enjoy solving the most complex problems that we can find, but we prefer to develop our own, unique methods of solution instead of relying on standard approaches. Although we take our work very seriously, we try our best to make everything that we do here at blossom as fun and exciting as possible. Anyone who loves tackling big issues in novel ways would be a welcome addition to our team.

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