Episodic Hiring


  • 1 Job Listing
  • Candidate Matching
  • Curated Pipeline of Candidates
  • Applicant Tracking & Communication
  • Great for

    • Startups who hire only a few times per year
    • If you don't have an open job requirement, but still want a pipeline of talent

Continual Hiring


  • 3 Job Listings
  • Great for

    • Startups with multiple job requirements open throughout the year

Growth Mode

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  • 4+ Job Listings
  • Multiple Hiring Manager Logins
  • Access to PluggedIn Events
  • Great for

    • Corporates who are hiring entrepreneurial and tech talent
    • VCs who prioritize hiring for their portfolio companies
    • VCs and incubators: Inquire about our low-cost white-label job board option